The Nest 你的学生之家 The Nest: Your Student Home
The Nest 你的学生之家 The Nest: Your Student Home
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我们承认 UBC 温哥华校区位于 xʷməθkʷəy̓əm(Musqueam)的传统、祖传和未割让的领土上。 We acknowledge that the UBC Vancouver campus is situated on the traditional, ancestral, and unceded territory of the xʷməθkʷəy̓əm (Musqueam).

The Nest 是什么

你可能每天都会经过或进入 The Nest,但你知道它的故事吗?The Nest 不仅仅是一个建筑,它是你在 UBC 的第二个家,一个属于你和其他学生的地方。 You may pass by or enter The Nest every day, but do you know its story? The Nest is not just a building, it is your second home at UBC, a place that belongs to you and other students.
由学生设计。为学生打造。让学生经营。Designed by Students. Built for Students. Run by Students.
由学生设计。为学生打造。让学生经营。Designed by Students. Built for Students. Run by Students.
The Nest 的诞生源于学生的需求和愿望。2008 年,学生以压倒性多数投票决定建造新的学生会大楼。2015 年 6 月 1 日,The Nest 开门迎客,成为校园内为数不多的专为学生生活而建的建筑之一,在这里,学生比其他人更受重视。 The Nest was born out of the needs and wishes of students. In 2008, students voted overwhelmingly to build a new student union building, replacing the old SUB. On June 1, 2015, The Nest opened its doors, becoming one of the few buildings on campus designed specifically for student life. Here, students are more valued than anyone else.
The Nest 是由 AMS 设计,建造和管理的。AMS (Alma Mater Society)是一个独立于 UBC 的非营利组织,由学生选举产生,旨在改善你在 UBC 的学习,社交和个人生活。The Nest 是 AMS 的总部所在地,也是 AMS 为你提供的各种服务,活动,倡导和支持的场所。
The Nest is designed, built and managed by the AMS student union. AMS (Alma Mater Society) is a non-profit organization independent of UBC, elected by students, aiming to improve your academic, social and personal life at UBC. The Nest is the headquarters of AMS, as well as the place where AMS provides you with various services, activities, advocacy and support.
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The Nest 为学生提供什么

在 The Nest,你可以找到适合你口味和预算的食物,从快餐到正餐,从中餐到西餐。你还可以享受各种商店和服务,比如手机店,眼镜店,理发店,银行等等。你还可以参加或组织音乐会,电影放映,讲座,工作坊等等活动。加入超过 350 个俱乐部,结交志同道合的朋友,发展自己的兴趣和才能。还可以利用图书馆,休息室,阳台在内各种空间进行学习或放松。 At The Nest, you can find food that suits your taste and budget, from fast food to fine dining, from Chinese to Western cuisine, everything you want. You can also enjoy various shops and services, such as cell phone stores, eyeglass stores, hair salons, banks and more. You can also participate in or organize various fun things, such as concerts, movie screenings, lectures, workshops and more. You can also join over 350 clubs. Meet like-minded friends, and develop your interests and talents. You can also use the various spaces, such as the library, lounge, balcony and so on, to study or relax.

The Nest 的愿景

除了满足你的各种需求外,The Nest 还致力于实现可持续发展的目标。通过在建筑上采用木材和钢材结合的结构以及推行废物分类回收计划,绿色基金项目等环保措施和活动的方式减少了对环境的影响。The Nest 是加拿大第一个获得 LEED 白金认证的大型校园建筑之一,意味着其在节能减排方面达到了最高标准。
In addition to meeting your needs, The Nest is committed to The goal of sustainability. Environmental measures and activities such as green fund projects have reduced the impact on the environment through the use of timber-steel structures in buildings and the introduction of waste separation and recycling schemes. The Nest is one of The first large campus buildings in Canada to receive LEED platinum certification, meaning it meets The highest standards for energy efficiency and emissions reduction.
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The Nest 是一个为你而建的学生中心。它并不由 UBC 拥有或经营,而是由 AMS 和其他学生组织共同管理和运营。它不仅是一栋标志性建筑物,更是一个充满活力和可能性的空间,一个展现你身份和价值的地方。请把 The Nest 当作你的学生之家,尽情享受它的一切。
The Nest is a student center built for you. It is not owned or operated by UBC, but is co-managed and operated by AMS and other student organizations. More than an iconic building, it is a space of energy and possibility, a place to express who you are and what you are worth. Make The Nest your student home and enjoy everything it has to offer.


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